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"It is a joy to be hidden, and a disaster not to be found."

Donald Woods Winnecott

A little about Person Centred Counselling

This site allows you to have professional a professional counselling session via Instant Message or Phone/Video. Your first session is always free so that both yourself and the counsellor can decide what might be best moving forwards. 

All you have to do is click 'Book Now'. If you choose IM, you will select the time and date which suits you. You will then be contacted by our counsellor to discuss whether we have the session via the sites built in Instant Messaging service, or if you would prefer Skype.

If you choose Phone/Video, the counsellor will be in touch in the same way to make arrangements.

Founded in the 1940's by Carl Rogers, this style of therapy aims to aid people to live in the present rather than the past or future. To be able to trust in one's own thoughts and feelings, with a view toward participating fully in our world and contributing to other peoples' lives.

As a recognised form of therapy, Person Centred Counselling is practiced the world over and in many institutions.

This site offers you direct contact with a professional counsellor, taking place via telephone or video. 

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Personalised Care and Guidance

The quickest way to speak with a Counsellor

We know that speaking with someone in person, or indeed over the phone can be difficult. Why not have your session via instant message? Simply click book online, and select Instant Message for a 50 minute messaging session with a trained professional.

Your first 50 minutes are always free, if afterwards you decide councelling is right for you, then each 50 minute session will be charged at £30.00.

The personal experience

The most direct and transparent way of having a remote counselling session. 

Telephone and Video counselling will be carried out via Skype or telephone, at the time you have specified.

Your first 50 minute session is free, afterwards speaking with a trained counsellor via phone or video costs £40.00 per 50 minute session.

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