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Just Get Over It

Easier said than done. Seeing as today is supposedly #getoveritday, I thought I would pen a blog based on my own experiences, and of working with people who have suffered at the hands of love lost.

Luckily, you won't find many valued friends or family members being so callous as to suggest 'Just get over it!' but instead we are usually showered with sad faces and peoples telling us we can do better. But does this help?

The ONS shows that for 89% of us, meaningful relationships are what matters most to our well being. More worryingly, evidence suggests that people in troubled relationships are three times more likely to experience depression, compared to those who are not. So why then, are relationships so important to us?

There is evidence to show that when modern humankind was still in it's infancy, we relied on relationships not just for companionship, but for survival itself. So what if we lose that 'companion', whether to death or indeed to a break in a relationship? This may not only affect us emotionally, It could leave us with a subconscious, historical 'hard wired' feeling of being extremely vulnerable.

The way in which the break happens can also play a large part in how easy or difficult it is to get over someone. Perhaps you felt it was your fault, which could leave not only that empty feeling, but also one of guilt. It could be you feel cheated on, either physically or emotionally which then may leave us with a bitter taste towards all people who are 'brown eyed Leos'. So it would seem that relationships really do mould and shape us to our very core, each one shaping us in a different way. Do we adapt and learn Or do we seek out more of the same, and in turn fall foul of negative repetitive patterns?

The topic is, in fact so vast it simply cannot be covered in this little blog. But, for anyone suffering loves lost it can feel like nothing could possibly be worse. If you do find yourself feeling low because of a past or even current relationship, why not try a free session of Person Centred Counselling today, and see if it helps you.

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